Moving from GoDiagram to JGo

Hi there

Just a Simple inquiry,

We used to build an application using GoDiagram and C# , currently we are planning to move to JAVA /Eclipse so our concern is about different between JGo Library and GoDiagram library

  • Is there any major difference in architecture?
  • Does it support same features (Undo/Redo,)?
Also we faced some issues in GoDiagram and we had to make some workarounds to handle them (with Walter Help J ) like

So are these issues solved in JGo ? Will we be able to make similar workarounds?

Thanks in advance

There are a few customers that have ported applications from one platform to the other one, but there aren’t many. I don’t know that any of them read this forum (most customers don’t), so I don’t know if you will get another programmer’s perspective.
We do try to keep the features in sync when we can, but there are a lot of differences between the two designs, some subtle, but most not so subtle. I don’t know that there is any document describing the differences.
I suppose there are some major differences:

  • lots of syntax and naming convention differences (including GoShape --> JGoDrawable and GoGroup --> JGoArea)
  • JGo doesn’t have the tool architecture that GoDiagram has
  • there is no JGoXml package
  • support for SVG is quite different
  • there is no JGoInstruments package for SWT yet
    GoDiagram’s undo architecture was actually adapted and cleaned-up from Swing’s (which we also re-implemented for SWT).
    You’ll need to look at the individual classes to get a better idea of the similarities and differences.