Moving GoLabeledLink

By default i can move nodes by dragging them over diagram. If i drag node linked to the other one i have connected links dragging at the same time. I want the same functionality but for the case i moving links (not relinking) , i want ending nodes to move along with link ends. I can move the cluster of link and nodes if they are selected but i want be able to do this without selection.
Thanks in advance

The collection of objects that are moved when you drag the selection need not be exactly the GoView.Selection. You can change the collection of dragged objects by overriding GoToolDragging.ComputeEffectiveSelection. That way you can compute dynamically exactly which objects you want to move.
An example of this is in the TreeApp sample. Look at TreeDraggingTool, whose properties are modified by the check boxes in the app.

Thanks Walter!

I tried adding all the SourceLinks and DestinationLilnks of the selected GoBasicNode. The links did move with the node, but they moved away from the other nodes connecting them.
Did i have to add other objects to the selection?

Maybe you want to add some of the Sources and/or Destinations (i.e. nodes) to the collection, before calling the base method, instead of adding the links.