Multi threading issue

How much go diagrams is thread safe?

is it safe to populate the docuemnt in a separate worker thread while the view is created in the main thread?
where can i find restrictions regarding multi threading and go diagrams?

GoView is thread-aware but does not make use of any threads other than the one that created the GoView. It does use timers.
It is not thread-safe.

So, what should i do if my system will grow and i’ll have lots of Go entities to load? how can do it in the background?

what other customers do?

Just wanted to inform you and all the other customers that i’m populating the Document object in a separate worker thread and it works fine even though the viewer is created in the main thread.

Are you assigning the GoView.Document after the document has been fully populated by your code running in a worker thread?

That should be OK.

But if you are trying to modify a document that is being manipulated by a user in a view, that might be a problem. You could temporarily disable the GoView until the document has been fully loaded.