Multiple Line

Thanks for your help so far, you’ve got a brilliant component here.
I’ve got another problem with the gotextnode. When I put a chr(10), environment.newline or vbCrlf in the text of this node, I get two types of javascript errors.
The first one being:
Unterminated string constant
The second one being:
go_csa_MyView is undefined
The moment I take those characters out of the text of the node, I don’t get those javascript errors anymore. But I need a multi-line label for the node. Please help me, I’ve tried everything.
Thanks in advance

I found out what it was. When I set tooltiptext with these characters in it, it gives these javascript errors. It’s no train smash if I don’t have multiple lines in tooltiptext, but if you guys know how to do this, please tell me.

You want to have the JavaScript string for the tooltip be something like:
‘first line\nsecond line’