Multiple links

I want to add iconic nodes and links from an XML document and once the view is created, the user should be able to edit it.
While editing how can the user add multiple links to the node. I am unable to set the validDuplicateLinks(true) while creating the view from XML. The application crashes.
I can set both validDuplicateLinks(true), and self node to be true for a new link that the user draws.

Unless code has been added to explicitly avoid it, the user will be able to interactively add multiple links to any node.

The JGoPort ValidDuplicateLinks property will, if true, disable the ability to make 2 or more links between the same 2 ports, but muliple links to/from one port to/from many other ports is allowed. Similarly, the ValidSelfNode property only controls whether a link can be created from a port to itself.
You shouldn't need to modify properites like ValidDuplicateLinks or ValidSelfLinks when saving or loading XML. These properties should be set when the user interactively creates the links. The XML save and load should simply preserve the values of these properties.

The properties ValidDuplicateLinks or ValidSelfLinks, were modifiied as I could not add more than one link between nodes.

If I have IconicNode A and Iconicnode B, and I have one link from A to B created from the XML, then I was not able to add a new link from A to B in the view.

Rather than setting the link’ port property I needed to set the node’s port property. Thanks