My Org Chart is not rendering in IE9

My Org chart is not rendering in IE9 browser. Is there any support for IE9


Yes, GoJS works in IE9; I frequently use it as the default browser on some of my machines. Try, for example.

Of course, there are some features that don’t work in IE9, such as support for WebGL, as shown by

Did you declare <!doctype html> ? There are probably a lot of things you have to be careful of, but I don’t have a list of them. I am confident you can find most of them by searching the web about the differences between IE and other browsers. But in general it’s the first IE that is reasonably compliant with web standards.

Yes its already <!doctype html> declare.
Actually I want to create image from server side. I want to create Orgchart image without load the page. I want to create image by give the url of orgchart page from some other page of orgchart and for that I am using abcpdf9 to generate image by giving the url of my orgChart Page. But its not working because abdcpdf is internally using IE9 browser.

Please let me if any other options to generate the image from server side. should provide useful information.