I need to implement the ctrl + mouse wheel event with the same behaviour with shift+mouse wheel.

Any idea?

I recommend overriding the ToolManager.doMouseWheel method to do what you want. Tool.standardMouseWheel describes what it normally does.

I try this code but it doesnt work

myFullDiagram.toolManager.doMouseWheel = function (e, obj) {
                             if (myFullDiagram.lastInput.control) {
                                 myFullDiagram.allowHorizontalScroll = true;

If I understand you correctly, it might be easier to modify the InputEvent – swapping the control and shift modifiers.

Yes, you understand me correctly. Do you have an example?

myDiagram.toolManager.doMouseWheel = function() { // swap the InputEvent.control and .shift properties var e = myDiagram.lastInput; if (e.control) e.modifiers = 4; else if (e.shift) e.modifiers = 1; // now call the base method; };
In the future we will make the InputEvent.control and InputEvent.shift properties settable, so that you won’t need to know the HTML modifier flag values.

Thanks Walter!