Need to convert GoView to Image or PDF

Hi Folks,

I need to convert he flow diagram ie, Goview Control to an Image or PDF.
I tried doing it through Javascript and also in C# but I was unsuccessful in converting Goview to an image or to PDF.
Please help on this issue, as it is a bit urgent requirement.
Thank you!!

GoView.GetBitmapFromCollection. Although you mention javascript… are you using GoWeb? I don’t think we have any samples of GoView.GetBitmapFromCollection in a WebForms app.

Yes Sir, I am using GoWeb in javascript.
Do you find any way that I can save that particaular (GoView) object into image, so that i can display that in PDF?
Please let me know if you have any idea on this.
Thank you!!

You can use GetBitmapFromCollection in GoWeb. You can find examples using Google for how to start File Download dialog if that’s what you want.

An easier way might be to use the “Print” support in GoWeb, since that essenitally creates a page with an image in it. See NodeLinkDemo or DrawDemo in the eval kit.


However I am not let to convert to image programmatically. bcoz GoPrintView doesn't have any methods/property so that i can convert it to image.
Please correct me if i am wrong.
Let me know that solution if you have any?
Thanks a lot Jake!!

no, but GoPrintview dumps an image into the browser that the user could right-click and do save as… not elegant, but sometimes easy beats elegant.

Use GoView.GetBitmapFromCollection if you want to really create a .PNG file and target it for downloading.

Awesome Jake…

Thanks a lot..
ITs working for me..
That was of great help..