Needed help to convert PolylineLinking.js to Typescript

I am trying to convert to typescript.

function PolylineLinkingTool() {; = “PolylineLinking”;
this.portGravity = 0; // gotta click on a target port in order to complete the link
go.Diagram.inherit(PolylineLinkingTool, go.LinkingTool);

Instead of those lines I have used in typescript as
class PolylineLinkingTool extends go.LinkingTool{
super() = “PolylineLinkingTool”;

If I have used like this I am not able to draw link between the nodes.

Is that the only change you made to the code? Or did you also translate the rest of the methods within the class?

If you did it all, I would think that should work.

However I don’t think you have to translate any of it.

Yes, Rest of the methods I am to translate in typescript.
But, If I used typescript temporary link is not visible.

I have no idea of what the problem might be.

If you load the unmodified PolylineLinking.js file, does it work in your app? If it doesn’t, then there must be something wrong in how it’s being used.