.NET 2.0 Master Pages

Just curious, has anyone experienced a problem with Go and Master pages?

I am using the client side event handlers in GoWeb.js, and I can see that my zoom functionality is getting to the goPost function by adding an alert in, but the event handlers don’t seem to do anything.

I think the request is getting intercepted by the Page load in our master page, and not making it to Go.

Not a huge issue, I can work around, just wondering if anyone else has seen a problem with the Master page model breaking their requests.


They work for me, but perhaps that is because of a work-around we have built for a problem with WebControl.UniqueID. Try using the following assembly instead:

(obsolete DLL reference deleted)

I am having the same issue. The SelectionDeleting event is never firing. I have double checked to make sure that the GoView has AllowDelete set to true and the individual nodes also have CanDelete. I have also tried using the assembly in your post.

Do other events work the way you expect?

How do you (the user) invoke the deletion?

What version are you using?

Yes, the only event that I am not able to get to work is the Deleting event. I use DoubleClick on the GoView to create new nodes, drag from one node to another to create links, double click on a node’s label to show a details div, etc. The delete is invoked by a delete button, just like in the DataSetDemo.

<button id="DeleteButton" type="button" onclick="goAction ('delete','GoView1')">Delete</button>
I downloaded the demo version a couple of weeks ago. The Northwoods.GoWeb.dll is V

The name of your GoView is ‘GoView1’, right?

If you have another that changes the scale, does it work?

Walter, thank you for all of your help.
Yes, the goview control is named GoView1. I do not have any buttons that change the scale. Just a save button that persists the data back to the DB.

I was asking if a zoom button would work. Try adding it:

<button id="ZoomInButton" onclick="goZoom('in','GoView1')" type="button">In</button>

I’m trying to track down whether it’s an event handler registration problem, or a naming problem, whether it’s server-side or client-side, et al.

How do you implement session state? (in-process, state server, or database)

Is the GoView and the DeleteButton in a UserControl? Are you using Microsoft AJAX and an UpdatePanel?


The zoom doesn't appear to do anything either.
Session state is not set, so the default in-process is being used.
The GoView/Delete button are not in a user control, just within the standard asp:Content tag and AJAX is not being used.
Is 'GoView1' the correct string to pass into goZoom/goAction JS functions? I thought it might be the control id that JS would need in order to do a getElementById, "ctl00_ContentPlaceHolder1_GoView1", but that didn't change anything.
Thank you,

The string “name” for the GoView should be the same as its element ID. Look at the element in the rendered HTML (i.e. browser View Source command). On the server side this string is the value of GoView.SafeID.

Be sure that you are compiling with and deploying the same DLL, and that you are using a GoWeb.js that matches the same version. If you intend to use version 2.6.2, you should use the DLL that came with the installation, not the DLL that was in the ZIP file. (I have deleted that reference in this topic so people won’t be tempted in the future.)


I do not have set the ScriptFile property of the GoView, I was under the assumption that the control would generate the correct JS in an inline script tag if omitted. When I set the ScriptFile property to the GoWeb.js file, I receive an error on the onload call ( onload="goInit('GoView1','GoView1','fa8b88fa73e54e3cb1c02944ed994353',true,'GoWebImage.axd','',(typeof goview_GoView1=='undefined'?null:goview_GoView1),false,1)" error is: Microsoft JScript runtime error: Object expected), so I was letting the GoView control generate the necessary JS for me. I have verified that the DLL being used is v
When viewing source, it the ID generated for the GoView control is: _ctl0_ContentPlaceHolder1_GoView1
however, the delete button passes in the following string: ctl00_ContentPlaceHolder1_GoView1. For other JS functions, such as ondblclick, the string passed into the goDblClick function is _ctl0_ContentPlaceHolder1_GoView1, and b/c the id matches the string, the double click is working. Is there something that I could have done accidentally on all of my test pages to make this somehow behave this way?
Again, thank you very much for all of your help. I need to have a working demo to show my boss before he will allow me to purchase the full blown version.

Yes, it will put the JavaScript inline if you don’t specify a file (normally “GoWeb.js”).

Try using the GoWeb.js that is in http://www.nwoods.com/forum/uploads/GoWeb.zip

Remember that if you have more than one GoView (or GoView-inheriting) control on your page, they should all have the same value for GoView.ScriptFile, to avoid any conflicts.


Thank you for your help. I was still unable to get this to work. I have just recreated my master page code in the page where I am running the GoDiagram to work around the issue.