Net 2.0 security update (KB998365) -> Empty canvas

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We are developing an application, which uses Go Diagram. After update KB998365 has been installed, the canvas is empty (grey). It is like the GoView is no working. Have anyone had this experience? Or knows a solution?

The update changes the functionality for UTF8Encoding, UnicodeEncoding og UTF32Encoding to comply with Unicode 5.0. Invalid bytes are not removed, but exchanged with U+FFFD.

Does this effect Go in any way?


The Northwoods.Go assembly does no file I/O, except when reading images from files.

The Northwoods.Go.Xml and Northwoods.Go.Svg assemblies read and write files, of course. Are you using them? Which version of GoDiagram are you using? Streams are assumed to be UTF-8, but you can use the other overloads to use TextReader or XmlReader in 2.6.2.