NetBeans 5.5

I have had no problems working through the coding examples in the JGo User Guide using JBuilder. But I am completely stuck with NetBeans:

The first example using JBuilder generates the following as per the User Guide:

public void jGoView1_documentChanged(JGoDocumentEvent e) {

Whereas in NetBeans the same process generates the following:

private void jGoView1DocumentChanged(com.nwoods.jgo.JGoDocumentEvent evt) {

Filling out the code works fine in JBuilder but does not work at all in NetBeans. Same for all subsequent coding exercises in the User Guide. A principal difference seems to be public versus private accessibility. NetBeans will not allow a change from ‘private’ to ‘public’. Is there perhaps a package / namespace problem ?

I believe the naming conventions and accessibility of event handlers really doesn’t matter in getting the functionality to work.