New: 5.4

Welcome to the JGo forum.

This is a public forum to enable users of Northwoods Software's JGo products to talk to each other. If you have purchased support or are within the 30 day free evaluation period, you may enter your questions here. Or if you prefer, send email to JGo at our domain.

The current JGo release is 5.4.

JGo 5.4 provides a new com.nwoods.jgo.web package (JGoWeb.jar) to better support thin-client web applications using JGo and Java Server Pages (JSP). Because JGoWeb runs on the server and generates standard HTML and JavaScript, users experience faster downloads and can view and interact with the generated pages from multiple different systems and client browsers (including Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Safari).

For more details on JGo 5.4, please visit:

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Version 5.1 of JGo now includes separate kits for Swing and for SWT. We have also introduced JGoInstruments for Swing, as part of JGo Professional.
The current baselevel is 5.15. (= 5.1.5)
Major new features include:

  • many improvements to JGoSubGraph
  • some changes to selectability, selection, and picking to JGoArea
  • the ability to reparent collections of nodes and links without getting the links disconnected
  • automatic cycle detection with the ValidCycle property of JGoDocument
  • some additional JGoDocumentEvents and JGoViewEvents, to simplify application UI update implementations
  • improved support for headless servers (Swing)
  • print preview (Swing)
  • added JGoInstruments and JGoActionObject interface (Swing)
  • example classes for rotated text and images, and for embedding a JTree as a node with ports (Swing)
    See the release notes of each platform kit for more details.
    5.13 was released in April 2005.
    5.14 was released in September 2005 and included some bug fixes, particularly on Mac OS X for both Swing and for SWT.
    5.15, released in January 2006, has a few more bug fixes, particularly involving undo/redo, and a new PackOption property for JGoLayeredDigraphAutoLayout to more easily skip some time-consuming operations.

Version 5.2 introduces several new classes and methods that make programming easier. The current baselevel is 5.21 (= 5.2.1).

We have added a JGoCollection class, to make it easier to refer to and manipulate a set of JGoObjects, without having to use a JGoSelection.
It is easier to make copies of JGoObjects. You can add a copy of a JGoObject to a JGoDocument by calling the JGoDocument.addCopy method. If you need a copy of a JGoObject without adding it to a document, you can call the JGoObject.copy method. Both of these methods perform the copy correctly by using two passes to make sure any references within or among the objects being copied are maintained.
We have refactored the JGoSubGraph class by splitting out the basic concept into a JGoSubGraphBase class. This makes it easier for you to implement your own subgraph-like classes without inheriting the implementation and expectations regarding there being a Label or a Port, nor whether the subgraph is collapsible and has a Handle.
For Swing, there are two new sample applications:
For SWT, there is now support for advanced graphics, so that shapes are drawn with anti-aliasing. JGo for SWT now requires SWT version 3.2.