New Accounts now require approval by Admins

We’re playing with different options to cut down spam in the forum. The last
couple of weeks, we’ve been using Admin approved new forum entries, but
the folks that descend every evening to clutter things up aren’t bright
enough to understand that no one is seeing their spam because we
delete it.

But this has caused at least 3 issues:

  1. it’s a pain for us to delete the notes, the bogus accounts, block the ip address, etc.
  2. it makes legitimate developers wait for approval of their entries.
  3. new entries don’t show up in our RSS feeds like they did before.

So, we’re switching to Admin approved accounts. When you create a new account,
we’ll be asked to approve it, and you’ll get an email from us when we do that. At that
point, you’ll be able to enter requests.

If your email account ends with or, you may want to ask for
help initially through