New line character


When i reload a diagram with \n (new line) character inside some textBlock, the method “fromJson” return “Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property ‘class’ of null” and the diagram stuck.
Similar problem with the character quotation ’
it seems that it breaks the string.

Is there a solution for these problems?


Could you tell us how to reproduce this problem?

When we try it in the Flow Chart sample,, it works well to have new lines or single quote characters in text strings. In fact that sample starts off by loading a string with “Nestle’s” in it.

It occurs when i save the diagram’s string as BSON document in MongoDB and than retrieve it from the DB, convert it to string and load it with your tool.

Are you using and ?

Could you check the text string that you are saving and the string that you get back from the server?