New: Version 5.3 released (full release history here)


GoDiagram version 5.3, compiled for .NET 4.7 and Visual Studio 2017, download:

This zip file has GoDiagram DLLs for .NET 3.5 and up. Plus the full samples and documentation. No more MSI install kits.

List of Changes since 5.2

Go Bugfixes

  • PDF generation: fix empty FontMap issue
  • PDF generation: fix problem where images with a transparent background from an ImageList were marked as greyscale, not RGB.
  • PDF generation: remove support for non-spacing characters that was firing at the wrong time.


  • Fishbone: add support for read/write XML files.
  • Function Block sample: correct calculation of DotLink Bounds.
  • New Sample: Parts Tree
  • New Sample: Huffman Coding Tree
  • New Sample: Parallel Coordinates graph

New Sample in 5.3: Parallel Coordinates graph
New Sample in 5.3: Parts Tree
New Sample in 5.3: Huffman Tree