Node Click and HyperlinkText Click event

For displaying diagram, I am using Radial Layout and max-layer is 1.
So whenever node is clicked, it displays its next level items.

In addition to that, each node has link and for navigation, I used HyperlinkText.

Now whenever text is clicked, link opened in new window, but at the same time, click event also gets triggered for node and next level data gets displayed. How to prevent this ??

Clicking on another area of node, working as expected.

You have copied the HyperlinkText code into your project, yes?
If so, you can just modify its implementation by having its click event handler also set InputEvent.handled to true:

  // in HyperlinkText.js:
  // define the click behavior
  var click =
    function(e, obj) {
      e.handled = true;  // add this assignment
      var u = obj._url;
      if (typeof u === "function") u = u(obj.findTemplateBinder());
      if (u), "_blank");