Node.LinksInto Collection


I have two nodes “Order” and “Address”

There are two links
“Order” -> “Address” (BillToAddress)
“Order” -> “Address” (ShipToAddress)

The “Order” LinksInto collection has Address in the collection one time. Is that as designed or should there be two items for “Address” in the collection? For my purposes I was expecting “Address” to be in the collection two times.


Given the apparent directionality of your arrows, I would not expect that there be any Links in “Order”'s LinksInto collection.

But yes, I would expect two Links in the “Order”'s LinksOutOf collection.

See if the Navigator sample in the Demo demonstrates what you are expecting.

Hi Walter,

In my post the nodes were pointing in the wrong direction. However my bigger mistake was that I used NodesInto instead of LinksInto. All is now well.