Node.Location() is not binding in draggableLink sample

In this sample, Draggable Link, I have added following lines:

	myDiagram.addDiagramListener("ExternalObjectsDropped", function (e) {
	  e.diagram.startTransaction("Add attached local meter");
            var newNode = {name: "newNode",figure: "Circle",};
            e.diagram.commitTransaction("created node");
	 var selectNode = null;
            e.diagram.nodes.each((e) => {
                if ( == newNode)
                    selectNode = e
console.log(selectNode.location.x +" \t"+ 	selectNode.location.y)  // NaN NaN
console.log(selectNode.actualBounds.x +" \t" +selectNode.actualBounds.y)  //  NaN NaN


When object dropped from pallete, I am adding new node and trying to get the location of the object. that location is always returns NaN. In node template location is twoway binded.

I suggest that you call Diagram.findNodeForData, instead of iterating.

I also suggest that you specify the location in the node data before you add it to the model. If you do not, you have to wait until a layout happens before the node is assigned a real location.