Node MouseOver with LinkingTool

I have an issue with finding the node under the mouse when I am dragging a new link.
I have a node with hidden content that I want to display only when I mouse over a node during the link creation.
I tried to change the value of inside the LinkingTool (IsValidTo, IsValitFrom) but it’s not working.
I’d like to see the hidden content even if there’s no link possible between the nodes.
What can I do to show the hidden content when the mouse moves over the node?

Define a custom LinkingTool (and maybe a custom RelinkingTool, if you want to do the same thing then, if your app allows it). Override the DoMouseMove method to call the base method and then do something like:

  public override void DoMouseMove() {
    if (this.Active) {
      ... use this.TargetPort as a valid target port ...
      ... call this.Diagram.Panel.FindPartAt(this.Diagram.LastMousePointInModel, null, SearchLayers.Nodes)
      ... to find a node that is under the mouse ...

Thank you it works well now