Node reports as image

I have an event handler on ViewChanged of my view to capture double clicks. The links report as links and that is ok. My issue is that the nodes report as whatever the JGoObject is instaed of a node. For example if the user double clicks the Icon the instanceof method returns JGoImage. If they double click the label it says it is a JGoLabel. How do I get the node to report itself as a node instead of the underlying object? By the way I have created my own objects and derived from JGoIconicNode.

In JGoViewListeners, you typically call JGoObject.getParentNode() to get the node (i.e. parent JGoArea) of the object at the mouse point.
Of course, if you instead override JGoObject.doMouseDblClick on your JGoIconicNode subclass, it would get called, because the view calls JGoObject.doMouseDblClick on the JGoObject and keeps calling that method on each parent area, until either there are no more parent areas or until doMouseDblClick returns true.