Node Selection and Tooltip can fail

Using GoXam for Silverlight 4 ( We have noticed that Node selection and Tooltips can fail when you zoom a diagram out so that the Nodes get “small”. I don’t have an empirical number on the zoom level. (Guesstimate would be 40x40 pixels in the case I have on my screen) This happens on both high and low powered machines. You can pass over a node and not see any Tooltip appear. You move over one or two nodes and you see the tooltip, but usually the third will not appear. I have also seen that selections may fail when the nodes get “small” I am using rectangles. There appears to be plenty of screen real estate to determine the node being selected, but the Nodal only deselects the current node (as if the background) was pressed.

Could you tell us how to reproduce the problem?

In zooming out the samples, I don’t see any problem.
For example the Class Hierarchy sample lets you zoom out and select and also shows tooltips for each node.