Node Style


We have the facility of converting node style in Single text/Multi text at run time through property grid.

Initially when we load layout it appears like below with single text node :

But when user switches form Single text node style to Multi text node at run time, the node overlaps the children like below:

When we converts the node from single text node to multitext node, we add a list group to it’s group and rescale it’s mragins as well. but not getting what going wrong…

Need sample please

Are you doing anything to Layout the nodes after the sizes change?

No we are doing nothing. We thought this should happen automatically. Dont you have such built in facility. Anyways what do we need to do…

It’s up to you, that’s an application design decision. You could use our Layout facility to move the nodes, or you could write some code yourself to shuffle the overlapped nodes to the right. Or you could do nothing and let the user move things if they want to.