Not working findNodesByExample on 1.8.16

Hi Team,

I have script which uses findNodesByExample on 1.8.6 and it returns nodes with regex as expected.

When I upgrade go js to 1.8.16 same script is not working as expected.

Used function as below

getNodesFromDialog = function (dialog, nodeText)
var out = undefined;
var regex = new RegExp(nodeText, “i”);
var results = dialog.findNodesByExample({name: regex});
if (results.count > 0)
out = [];
results.each(function (n) {
if (!n instanceof window.go.Node)
return out;

please, suggest how to resolve this ?

With Regards, NV

I just tried the Org Chart (static) sample, which calls Diagram.findNodesByExample in much the same manner as you do. It worked well in both 1.8.6 and 1.8.16. And our internal regression tests work correctly in both versions too.

So how can we reproduce a problem that is happening in version 1.8.16?