NotSerialziableException during copy/paste


We upgraded to JGO 5.1 and JDK 1.5 and now the Copying and Pasting an object doesn't work. I'm getting the following exception when I try to copy and JGoView Object java.util.PropertyResourceBundle
at Source)
at Source)
at Source)
at com.nwoods.jgo.JGoView.copyToClipboard(Unknown Source)
at com.nwoods.jgo.JGoView.copy(Unknown Source)
at com.sterlingcommerce.woodstock.gbm.common.ui.jgo.FlowView.copy(
at com.sterlingcommerce.woodstock.gbm.editor.jgo.BuildMenu.actionPerformed(
at com.sterlingcommerce.woodstock.gbm.editor.jgo.actions.FlowAbstractAction.actionPerformed(
I made FlowView implements Serializable but now it's compalining about the PropertyResourceBundle.

Does this error occur when copying and pasting a standard JGo object or does it only occur when copying and pasting a JGo subclass that you have created?

All your JGoObject-derived classes need to be serializable. That means that all of the fields you add need to be serializable or transient.

The object that’s being copied/pasted is a subclass of JGoGridView and it implements the Serializable interface. The PropetyResourcebundle is not a field in that class.

Was there a change in the way copy/paste work in JGo 5.1, because this feature was working in 4_x?
Thanks for you help.
I'm not aware of any change in the way copy/paste works in JGo 5.1.
JGoGridView is doing the copy/paste operation, but the object being copied/pasted must be a subclass of GoObject. What object are you copying or pasting when the exception occurs?

The object that’s being copied is a subclass of JGoArea.

Check all the fields that you have added in that subclass and verify that they are either serializable or transient.