Object Positions

Dear sir,

We are trying to implements tables & seats. We managed to create a table with 6 seats (in one row). We have to allow the user to increase the seats. So we provided a “Add” button. When this button was pressed, a seat should be automatically added on the right hand side. So we now have 7 seats.

When we do that with your code, the seats are overlapping to each other. We have used alignment property to set the seat positions. But this is not working, is there any other method that we could use. (something like left position or right position)?


The Seating Chart sample does not support adding or removing seats at a table, so there is no code to rearrange the seats.

You need to set the alignment and alignmentFocus properties, at least, on the new seat object. You probably need to adjust those values on all of the other seats too, to make room and to space them nicely.