ObjectDoubleClicked Event with Chrome

We are trying to test out support for our web app with the Chrome browser. So far everything appears to work as expected except the doubleclick event that we registered doesn’t seem to be fired.

We’ve registered event handlers for the following events,

this.MyPalette.ObjectDoubleClicked += new Northwoods.GoWeb.GoObjectEventHandler(this.MyPalette_ObjectDoubleClicked);

this.MyView.LinkCreated += new Northwoods.GoWeb.GoSelectionEventHandler(this.MyView_LinkCreated);

this.MyView.ObjectSelectionDropReject += new Northwoods.GoWeb.GoObjectEventHandler(MyView_ObjectSelectionDropReject);

this.MyView.ObjectSingleClicked += new Northwoods.GoWeb.GoObjectEventHandler(MyView_ObjectSingleClicked);

this.MyView.ObjectDoubleClicked += new Northwoods.GoWeb.GoObjectEventHandler(MyView_DoubleClicked);

this.MyView.DocumentChanged += new Northwoods.GoWeb.GoChangedEventHandler(this.MyView_DocumentChanged);

All of them seem to work as expected, except the MyView.ObjectDoubleClicked. The corresponding nodeClicked() event is firing on the clientside. Any ideas as to why the doubleclick server side event is not firing? It works properly in IE.


Nope. I tested LayoutDemo (our only sample with an ObjectDoubleClicked handler) and it works fine for me in Chrome (the color of the node changes). Can you try LayoutDemo?


I tested the Flowcharter demo, which is what we based our project on, and it works fine, evidently an issue in our code.

I commented out the clientside event definition,

MyView.DataRenderer.LabeledNodeDoubleClick = “nodeClicked()”;

and the double-click server-side event fired.

It’s evidently something in our javascript code that’s causing the issue. When I replace all of that code with just an alert(), the server-side event fires. I’ll have to look at that code.

Thanks for confirming that goweb works in Chrome.

If your nodeClicked() function returns false or nothing, the GoWeb JavaScript is not supposed to pass the event back to the server.

So I think you want to make sure your nodeClicked() function returns true.