Odd Behaviour version 1.6.0-betaRC

I am trying out the version 1.6.0-betaRC and seeing some oddness. While my code runs fine in go.js. When I test against go-debug.js I get a number of errors many that follow the form of:

Getting the property "Y" is probably not what you intended: it is capitalized but should be spelled "y"
go-debug.js:1055 Uncaught TypeError: a.Y is not a function

This is repeatable in the basic.html sample by pointing it to the go-debug.js file and running the sample.


Whoa! That turns out to be a problem with the Closure compiler’s minification and our trying to be nice to programmers with spelling errors involving the accidental capitalization of property names.

Thanks for reporting this, although it’s too late for 1.6.0. We’ll put out a 1.6.1 very soon.

1.6.1 has been released: