OnSelectionDeleting DonoRelink


I have overriden my GoView.OnSelectionDeleting so that I add a confirmation message box before really removing the data.

However, when a link is dropped into nothingness through GoToolRelinking.DoNoRelink, this event is called too.

I would have liked the confirmation to be asked only when the user presses the “delete” key, not when dragging the link to nowhere. I guess that, like usually, I have not overridden the good function, but which one should I select instead ?

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Well, people can make mistakes when they drag the ends of links.
But if you don’t want to confirm when the deletion is happening due to a relinking operation, it’s easy enough to see if the current GoView.Tool is an instance of GoToolRelinking.

Quite simple, I had not thought of such a thing at all. Might be usefull in other circumstances too. Thanks for the tip.