Open go:Diagram in tabs

Can we open multiple go:Diagram controls using tab controls?

Diagram is just a regular Control, so of course you can use it anywhere you want.

I do recommend using the latest DLL: Releases.

When in am opening the diagram control in new tab it is giving me the following error and i am unable to
track it. Could you please guide?

I bet you get the same result if it isn’t in a tab.

It seems you are showing an instance of a model instead of a Diagram.
How did you initialize the Diagram.Model? How did you declare the Diagram?

Here is the code i am using for opening model in new tab.

Shouldn’t the tiChild.Content be the Diagram, not the Model?

Yes its working but i am not able to drag items in diagram from palette. Do i have to initialize the instance again. Please help!!

As with any other control you need to set AllowDrop = true.

I don’t know which platform you are targeting, but if you are targeting Silverlight 3, you need to set that property in code, not in XAML. For Silverlight 4 or WPF, you can set it either in code or in XAML.