Orders in palettes

I followed the example of logic circuit(http://gojs.net/latest/samples/logicCircuit.html) to create my own palette. After setting nodeDataArray, I am seeing different order of nodes between Chrome, Firefox and IE9. For Firefox and IE9, the order was what I put in palette.model.nodeDataArray, however in Chrome, the order was swapped between the first node and the fourth node. How does the order being calculated? Why Chrome is different from Firefox and IE9? Can someone provide some clues?


If you really care about the order, you should set GridLayout.sorting and specify a GridLayout.comparer.

I can’t explain why this would be different in Chrome. My best guess is that the layout depends on the width of the viewport, and the viewport happens to have a different width in Chrome. Or maybe, even with identically sized palette viewports, the nodes have different width because of font differences.