Org Chart Implementation


I was quite impressed with GO diagram for ASP.Net. I am currently need to draw an Org chart with data from an HR database. The structure is a simple Reports to structure. I have been able to add nodes to daigram though uable to layout the org chart

Any help wl be appreciated.


At first I couldn’t understand what you meant, but when I tried the “Layout Chart” button in the OrgCharter sample, I also got some unexpected results.
But the Windows Forms OrgCharter application works just fine, even though all it’s all the same code.
I suspect the problem is due to drawing the links in the wrong direction, starting at the employee and going up to the supervisor. I found that I couldn’t draw (by mouse-down-and-drag) a second link coming out of a port, so I tried to start at the supervisee node. But apparently that doesn’t draw the link backwards, so the supervisee is put in a “layer” as if he were the boss.
I find if I use the “Select Two and Make Link” button to connect a supervisor and a supervisee, everything works well and the “Layout Chart” button produces good results.
If you can’t get good results by not drawing the links using “drag-and-drop”, then please describe the situation you have. In any case we’ll investigate making the ports work better–both in having the cursor showing the ports and in mouse-down at such points.


Please add the following statement as the second line in the constructor of GraphDoc:
this.LinksLayer = this.Layers.CreateNewLayerBefore(this.Layers.Default);
Having the links in a layer behind the nodes makes it easier for a user to do a mouse-down on a port, instead of accidentally selecting the link itself.
Anyway, with this change, it is easy to construct org charts interactively using drag-and-drop to draw the relationships. And the “Layout Chart” button works well.


Thanks for the quick reply…
Here is my predicament. I have an org structure in a database.
Assume an employee row with a numeric id field. A linking numeric field that refers the person he reports to. Now how I can create the nodes and link them. Also I need the graph laid out as follows


Director1 Director2

Manager1 Manager2 Manager1 Manager2

I need to create the nodes programatically and the link them together. and finally layout org chart intelligently....

Also this for an ASP.NET application though I would like to know where to get the 'Org Chart chapter' from.....


Look at the org charter example in the example code distrubuted with the project. Also, you can create links between objects by creating an instance of a GoLink object, settings its top and bottom ports to equal the top and bottom ports of two nodes in your view, and adding it to your view.document.linkslayer.



Fixed the problem using the auto layout