Org chart with angular and angular metrial

Hi I want to use orgChart with BandedLDLayout with angular 14
Inside Node
mat-input with underline red validation with mat-tooltip
after entering node name three mat-button should come with create group, create instance , copy , delete in bottom of node
mat-select with labels and options
After selecting option all button option should come up as list also with expand collapse button on top right of node vertically
after clicking on create instance it should create child node with all parent functionality

please share demo with angular 14 only with material or without material

so I want to use node with mat-form and its functionality

please share demo example with angular 14 only

Please understand that we do not provide contracting services. There are many companies that do. And I am no longer familiar with Angular. Also I am having trouble understanding your terminology.

We do try to answer specific questions about how to use GoJS. Could you please ask each question in a separate forum topic and provide a complete description, including screenshots, of what you have done so far, and a description and sketch/screenshot of what you want instead?

sure, basically I want to use orgChart with BandedLDLayout

In side Node
form with its functionally like input, selection, button with all in one node also same in child node with angular 14 only because there is not much angular example with go js
also gojs supporting angular material or bootstrap or not

You cannot embed arbitrary HTML in a Node or a Link. So you cannot apply CSS styling to a Node or a Link. This is for performance and for rendering flexibility reasons.

In case you haven’t already read it: GoJS Buttons -- Northwoods Software
You might want to implement custom text editors: GoJS HTML Interaction -- Northwoods Software
And maybe this helps: GoJS Material Design Sample

Thanks walter but any example that has BandedLDLayout and node with
input and selection and button all in one with angular 14
GoJS Material Design Sample
is more relatable to my requirement but I am not able to find code

As usual, the code for the sample is in the page itself.

We try to make everything self-contained, with minimal dependencies.