Organization chart

hi, i am new to godiagram web tool! and here is my question:how can i pull data from database then populate it as an organization chart?
for example, in database, it looks like this:
id,name, parent_id
then when i pull data from database then display it on an web page, user will see a nice org. chart instead. Can we do this and how? any example?

Yes, what you describe is very similar to a new sample application that we will be adding to a future release of GoDiagram. The sample application displays an org chart from a DataSet. Using DataSet and DataAdapter classes, you can open any Microsoft SQL, Microsoft Access, or ODBC database.
You probably will want to start by looking at the sample code in the constructor for the FormDialog class. This shows how to use the DataSetMapper class (also part of the sample app) to easily create your diagram from the appropriate table(s).