Orthogonal links

I have GoLabeled links in my application with their orthogonal properties set to true. This works fine.
However, sometimes when I move the mouse over the link’s selection handle I get a cursor that allows the user to drag the link in both the horizontal as well as vertical directions resulting in angled lines.
What I mean is that I want the that the user should be allowed to grab any selection handle of the link and move the link in either the horizontal or the vertical direction only.
But over some selection handles I get a cross like cursor that allows the user to move the link in any direction thereby spoiling the orthogonality between links…
I would only like to display the ‘Horizontal Resize’ or ‘Vertical Resize’ like mouse pointer/cursor over a link. Is there a way achieve this?

We’ll investigate that–it would appear to be a bug.
Do you really want to be able to control the direction(s) that a user can reshape link points, or do you just want to make sure links remain orthogonal upon reshaping?

Ideally both…but for now I would like to control the directions that a user can reshape link points.
This will, I guess to quite an extent, ensure that the links remain orthogonal upon reshaping.

We’re unable to find any errors unless GoLink.AvoidsNodes is true–is that the case for you?
This fix will be in the next 2.4 build.

Yes AvoidsNodes is true…