Override default layout property

I am building an application to draw a flowchart.I am using TreeLayout.I am adding nodes on button click and not manually dragging as in in case of flowchart example.

1.Is is possible to specify different portSpot for different node templates?
2.For the decision step,is it possible to draw the yes/no link from different spots.The default property draws both link from same spot and then branches it out.

Is it possible to override this default properties.

Set TreeLayout.setsPortSpots = false. For each new Link, set its Link.fromSpot to be the appropriate value depending on the node that it’s coming from. You might be able to implement this via an ofObject() Binding on “fromNode” with a smart conversion function. A recent forum topic used that technique for controlling the link’s color.

You may also need to set TreeLayout.comparer to make sure the children are ordered left-to-right in the order that you want, to avoid having the links crossing.