Page Layout : landscape or portrait type

Hi Support!

I did a simple example, as your FlowCharter.exe demo, and all our users asked for me about setup Page Layout in PrintPreview… So I would like to know if there is a way to define landscape or<span =“st”> portrait type in Print Preview?



Ok, but is there a way that user can click in some “PageSetup” button, for example, inside Print Preview that now has “Print” button and other…, to set page mode inside Print Preview window , as Word application, for example ?

When user click to Print Preview button in my application, I open PrintPreviewShowDialog() with portrait as default… but user would like to click inside Print Preview window in page setup button to change page mode before print…


PrintPreview can be customized, but we’ve never played with that here.

Google printpreviewdialog add button … the top couple of entries are stackoverflow and MSDN.