Palette alignment

I’m Andrea and I’m new to this forum and to this great library.
I read all the GoJS intro and I started to play with examples and tried to do something that I need to do.
I have a simple palette with images and I would like to display the palette on top of the diagram area.
Is there a way to show content of the palette from left to right in order to have an horizontal palette?

Here is a piece of code related to the palette:
var G = go.GraphObject.make;
var myPalette = new go.Palette(“divPalette”);
myPalette.maxSelectionCount = 1;
myPalette.nodeTemplate =
G(go.Node, go.Panel.Horizontal,
new go.Binding(“source”, “url”),
{ width: 49, height: 52}));

Thanks in advance!

Sure, that should be the default behavior. Just make sure your DIV HTML element is wide.

This is an example of what I think you are looking for:


It works.

Thank you very much