Palette Drag and Drop to Diagram

Hi There,

I’m currently evaluating GoXam with WPF and I’m having a hard time implementing the Drag and Drop function.

I have the code here in this repository I checked the demo examples and still no luck.

Josh G

You just need to make sure the target Diagram has AllowDrop=“True”, but you have done that.

Do you see the expected initial contents for both your Palette and your Diagram?

Hi Walter,

Yeah both the palette and diagram have nodes visible when i run the project

That’s very odd – I don’t know why drag-and-drop from your Palette to your Diagram isn’t working. Oh, did you make the model Modifiable? Modifiable Property (IDiagramModel)

If there are several nodes in the Diagram, can the user move one of them? And when the user starts dragging an item from the Palette, does the cursor change to “can’t drop here” within the Palette?

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Hi Walter,

That fixed it! Such a small thing I overlooked. I really appreciate your help :)