Panning diagram with right click


Just wondering if there is way to pan the diagram with right click down?

I have a working version with left click mouse down, but for some reason, we want to use right click to drag the whole diagram. Anyone has done this before? Any tips?


OK. I answer it myself.

I just overrider the panningTool.canStart method like this

diagram.toolManager.panningTool.canStart = function () {
return !1;
var a=this.g;
return null===a||!!a.ze||!a.U.right||!==this&&!this.isBeyondDragSize()?!1:!0;

then all good!

That’s right. Here is how PanningTool.canStart is defined:

PanningTool.prototype.canStart = function() {
  if (!this.isEnabled) return false;
  var diagram = this.diagram;
  if (diagram === null) return false;
  if (!diagram.allowHorizontalScroll && !diagram.allowVerticalScroll) return false;
  // require left button & that it has moved far enough away from the mouse down point, so it isn't a click
  if (!diagram.lastInput.left) return false;
  // don't include the following check when this tool is running modally
  if (diagram.currentTool !== this) {
    // mouse needs to have moved from the mouse-down point
    if (!this.isBeyondDragSize()) return false;
  return true;

You should update your override so that it does not refer to any compiler-minified properties. Those minified property names are not supported and will change with each baselevel release of the GoJS library.