Part Centering after resize Grid


my Program have a goXam Diagram and a Detail View.
The Diagram and the DetailView are in a different Column in a Grid. First, the Column with the Details have a width of 0. I centered the Diagram.
By clicking a Button the detail- and the diagramcolumn get a width of 500pixels. The Diagram move to the left.

Up to here everything worked like I want. But now, when I close the Infromation, the Diagram doesn’t center again. It stays left. When I use the Panel.CenterPart Function, it center the selected Node not correctly. The Node move to the center of the old Columnwidth. But I can still move the diagram manually to the mid of the window.

Is there something to add with the result that the Diagram move to the center after resizeing the Diagram?

Maybe you want to set Diagram.HorizontalContentAlignment? Or set that on the DiagramPanel dynamically.

Hi Walter,

thank you. I set HorizontalContentAlignment to Center instead of Stretch. Now it’s working. Don’t know why I didn’t tried that earlier.