Part selection vs GraphObject selection


There is something left unclear about the selection mechanism in my mind.

Apparently, only parts or nodes can be selected, is this right ?

Thus, if a part contains multiple graphObjects, one can neither select individual graphObjects belonging to that part nor get individual informations about particular graphObjects that are clicked inside a particular part, is this true ?

Or, is it possible to select particular shapes/objects belonging to a single node/part, or to trigger an action/function by clicking on those “parts” of parts ?

Thanks for eventually clearing up the confusion in my mind about this. Geek

Ah, I see graphObjects have a click property:

But yet it seems different than the default selection mechanism.

That said, it seems possible to retrieve information like in the following example:

So, perhaps one can implement a custom selection mechanism which would override the default one…

You can check this too:

Diagram.selection can only contain Parts, which would include Nodes and Links.

But you could implement your own selection-like mechanisms for elements within a Node.