PartId problem when loading a file

Hey guys, i’m using the flowcharter demo…well a fairly customized version of it, but the store/load operations are exactly the same w/ the addition of a few custom properties, but nothing else. The problem lies in the load, after i save a chart and try to reload it, all of the PartId’s for the GraphNodes are reset…i’ve checked the store/load functions and the xml file, the partId’s are there, and are set when the document is loaded, but when i look at the part id’s for any perticular node after the documetn is loaded, the top or first node’s id is 1 + the highest part id in the old document i.e. if the highest id in the old doc was 40 the top node was numbered 41 and it keeps counting from there for each node…i depend on the partId’s for navigation through the document and validation of the links…so if they’re wrong there’s a problem. (i used them because it was already a uniqe id for the node and i didnt think they could be changed) i tried loading a documetn w/out the doc.EnsureUniqueIds(); line but that didnt help. if i can just get the software to leave the partId’s i set alone everything should work fine, any ideas would be much appreciated.



i have yet to figure out why i always solve my problems 15 minutes AFTER i post to a forum…oh well…it was my own fault, i changed the name of an xml attribute so the one the load function was lookin for didnt exist. i changed it back and everything works.