PickObject works with ContainsPoint?!

I will briefly present my problem: i have a view with only one layer on which I paint more objects of type GoShape. The user must have the posibility to click on different objects and a menu to appear depending on the type. But I got stuck when I saw that I cannot select the wanted object because of the overlapping. I could use PickObjects of course, but in this case I wouldn’t know which object the users wanted to click on (I must specify that I need to paint an electrical circuit, with bridges that connect some field - the problem is on bridges).

So my question is now, if the method PickObjects uses the ContainsPoint method cause in this way I could override the second one to return true only if you click on the lines that form the brige, and in this way to resolve the problem with overlaping.

GoDocument.PickObjects calls GoLayer.PickObjects, which calls GoObject.Pick, which calls… ContainsPoint.


:) nice!