Planogram Product selection color

Hai all,

      I have used web based planogram, to get my problem please go through the following steps.

step 1: add any one product(note/balloon note) into goview

step 2: click the addedproduct in the goview the product

        get selected to  indicate you  in red color border.

step 3: now u click any one product from gopallette.

see the goview selected product it also have red color border indication.

But i too want to control this scenorio. please give me guideliness to rectify this problem.

To control the color of the (bounding) selection handles, you can set the GoView.PrimarySelectionColor, SecondarySelectionColor, and NoFocusSelectionColor properties.

Caution: if you make the color Color.Empty or Color.Transparent, the user will not be able to tell which object(s) are selected.


My scenorio is when i only to click the product in the goview that time the product selection should be, i dont want the goview product selection for any other scenorio such as
1) Move the product from one place to another within goview
2) when u select any where in the page Except to click the product in the
so please kindly advice me to rectify the above problem