Planogrammer problem in 2.4.0 beta

I’m not able to start Planogrammer.exe. After doubleclicking on application an exception shows up:

Planogrammer.exe - Common Language Runtime Debugging Services

Application has generated an exception that could not be handled.

Process id=0x50c (1292), Thread id=0x510 (1296).

Click OK to terminate the application.
Click CANCEL to debug the application.

OK Cancel

I have no printer installed on my dev system. Can it be the reason for
this error? If you need any further information about my system please
let me know.

Yes, that could be the reason. I have added a try-catch around the printer-related calls that GoView.CreateSheet makes to try to initialize the sheet to match the default printer page size and margins. The exception actually happens in GoSheet.UpdateBounds. That method takes a System.Drawing.Printing.PageSettings argument that understandably cannot be used if there is no default printer.