Pool with many vertical and horizontal sections


I am trying to achieve a structure like the one shown in the figure. I tried doing this with GoListGroup but in the end I am not able to add both horizontal and vertical groups to it. I want each section to be a node and I also want to have a parent child relationship between the nodes (i.e. each child needs to know its parent node). Any ideas how I can achieve this ?

There is a Swim Lane sample, but it doesn’t have the rotated text labels. You can pull a rotated text class from this forum.

I’m on the road right now. Back in the office Wednesday. I may have some code that does something like this.

Hi Jake,

Thanks for your reply. I tried using the swim lane example from but they were rectangles instead of nodes and also I was not sure how to stack them up and build a parent/child relationship so that the upper lane knows the states of the lower lanes. Let me know if you have something. I will see what I can do in the meantime.

Yeah, I had played with changing the Swimlanes sample to use rotated labels a couple of years back, but it isn’t in a state where it would be useful to pass on right now.

I think if you go back to the Swimlanes sample in NodeLinkDemo, you’ll find it does what you need. Right click (on the label or border of lane) to delete/add/re-order lanes.

If rotated labels is a must-have for you, let me know and I’ll go back and look at this again.

Thanks so much Jake. I kind of solved the problem by combining various structures but I will look into this as well and let you know if I need further help. Thanks again for your time.