Possible to have labels in its own layer

I was wondering if it was possible to have labels in their own layer? A
layer that would sit above the links that way the links cannot sit on
any labels.

Walter wondering if this is even possible?

Sure, it’s possible. But I’m a little busy now, so I haven’t had time to come up with the code for this.
Note that the labels for a JGoLabeledLink aren’t “part” of the JGoLabeledLink, since JGoLabeledLink is not a JGoArea. The labels are added to the same container that the JGoLabeledLink was added to. So I would think using an alternative container (i.e. a different layer) would be quite possible. I assume that if the JGoLabeledLink were part of a JGoArea, such as a JGoSubGraph, that the labels would not need to be part of an equivalent structure in your “labels” layer.

Thanks again for all your time.

OK, here’s something I threw together quickly. I haven’t really tested it.
This assumes the TestLabeledLink’s MidLabel should go in the layer in front of the layer that the link is in.