Prevent links from overlapping

hi, is there any way I could prevent links from overlapping (not crossing, just make sure they don’t share a line) one over the other?
I believe I have to override the CalculateStroke, AddOrthoPoints and AdjustPoint, but I want to know if there is a simpler way.
All the best

Sorry, but not at this time.
Instead of overriding GoLink methods, I would recommend instead that you have a separate pass over the links in a document, perhaps just in a limited area. That will be more efficient for detecting overlaps and for figuring out how to move the segments to avoid the overlaps.
You would invoke this code at each GoView.SelectionMoved event, or when you programmatically add, move, or remove any objects.

I wonder, is this functionality (link overlapping prevetion) included now?


I hope it will be for v3.0.

Hi Walter,

Did this feature made it to the 3.0 release? I was looking in to the release notes but I can’t find it anywhere…

Not officially.

But it was improved for GoLayoutLayeredDigraph when the links are Orthogonal.