Preventing delete relinking of links

Im in the process of completing a read only applet which contains a
jgoview. The only thing which I now have to prevent is users deleting
links and relinking links. How would I go about doing this

Try JGoDocument.setModifiable(false).

If I do that then I cant drag the labels or the nodes

So what actions do you want to let the user do?
If you don’t want them to do resizing, you could override JGoView.startResizing to be a no-op and return false.
For not drawing a new link, do the same for JGoView.startNewLink.
I think you can do the same for JGoView.startReLink.

Is there any other way to prevent relinking. The startReLink method
results in null pointers since I overrode the paint method. Also what
about deleting links or jgobasicnodes? Any ideas there?

Try JGoLink.setRelinkable(false).
For deleting, you can implement a JGoViewEvent.SELECTION_DELETING event handler on the JGoView and call JGoViewEvent.setConsumed(true) in order for JGoView.deleteSelection() to not actually do any deletion. Or you can override JGoView.deleteSelection appropriately.

I’m using version 5.0 and I dont have a JGoViewEvent.setConsumed(true)
if this is in a newer version would it be possible to get the newer version of jgo

Sorry, I meant to call consume().